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The Pros and Cons of Public Transport

The choice between driving a personal vehicle and being completely reliant on public transportation is not always straightforward. Owning a vehicle and using public transportation services can both have their advantages, yet it is always helpful to weigh the pros and cons.

Advantages of Using Public Transport

Firstly, public transport is a lot cheaper compared to owning your own vehicle. You won’t need to worry about maintenance, insurance, and repaying your vehicle loan. Public transport systems are well-organised in developed countries such as the UK and the US. This means that travellers can depend on efficient transportation methods.

Public transport is a good alternative for tourists who are unfamiliar with the roads, and these services are essential for people who can’t drive. Older people often rely on these services to visit family members or to do grocery shopping.

There shouldn’t be an issue with navigation or getting safely to your destination as drivers are normally licenced and experienced. Additionally, people who use these public services also increase their chances of meeting new people and striking up a conversation with a friendly passenger.

Drawbacks of Using Public Transport

Even though public transport can save you a lot of money on your monthly transport costs, nothing beats the sense of freedom and comfort that goes along with owning your own vehicle. Public transport services do not allow you flexibility regarding detours, and you won’t be able to transport all your essentials.

There is no travelling to remote holiday destinations or places where there is no access to public transport. Unfortunately, commuting in a tight space with several other people also makes you more susceptible to infections with diseases.

In certain countries, public transportation services can be quite bad, with long waiting times and transportation vehicles breaking down frequently alongside the road. When public transport breaks down, you might be stuck for hours and arrive late for work or appointments.

It is a good idea to consider all the relevant advantages and disadvantages of public transport before deciding to sell your vehicle.