We are able to offer Local Authorities complimentary places at Digital Transport Exchange. It’s being held at iCentrum, Birmingham over 11th and 12th July.


The 11th July is a half day workshop which will be a very practical afternoon session on how to go about building a digital transport ecosystem. West Midlands will be used as a case study. That’ not because they are a stand out example, like say Oxfordshire, but because it’s an issue they, like some many other authorities are grappling with.  The learning from the workshop will be applicable to any area.


The second day, 12th July,  will have a focus on data platforms. Over the next 2 or 3 years it looks like most Local Authorities will be make decision around which data sharing platforms they will use and the strategies around their use.  The day will also examine some of the practical steps to accelerating digital transport take-up at an operational level and addressing commonly shared problems:


  • how do I navigate decision-making about transport data sharing?
  • what practical steps can be taken to accelerate the harnessing of transport data to improve transport delivery  outcomes?
  • is there a simple way to build digital transport capacity in your particular region or authority?


Programme details in full.


Digital Transport Exchange.  Sign up for you complimentary registration here.  You can register just of a single day or for both days.