What is oneTRANSPORT?

oneTRANSPORT is intended to be an open, standardised, platform where multi-modal travel data is published by data owners.

The platform can be accessed by subscribers, transport authorities, application developers and others to create products and services which will help improve travel experiences.

oneTRANSPORT is not another ‘app’; it is an eco-system that reduces barriers to entry and opens up the market place for improved ‘freemium’ and ‘premium’ travel services.

It allows innovation to thrive through a community and route to market and provides an opportunity for revenue generation to allow additional data sets to be established.

What is unique about oneTRANSPORT?

oneTRANSPORT completes the ‘value chain’ by providing planning and on-trip travel services to users and allows direct feedback to data publishers such as transport authorities. oneTRANSPORT is agnostic to geographical, instituitional and modal barriers creating a data flow across traditional silos for the benefit of the subscriber and publisher.

Applicability and scalability

It is applicable to local and central governments that provide transport services regardless of mode. By using emerging international standards for connectivity, the oneM2M (machine to machine) platform provides future scalability to encompass the ‘internet of things (IoT)’ and international deployment, thereby increasing competition and reducing vendor lock-in.

Project status

Through a colloborative partnership with Innovate UK and partner organisation investment, the concept, architecture and business case have been established and a oneM2M platform is now available as a demonstrator. The demonstrator will show an exemplar application focusing on journey time prediction. Developments and mini-innovations through 2016 will include integration of complex events processing, IoT and roadside devices, and access for analytics engines.