Policy Group

Terms of reference: The role & purpose of the Transport Data Initiative Policy Group (the Group).


The Transport Data Initiative (the TDI) is intended to improve the way in which transport data is collected, stored and used. The TDI aims to support local authorities in understanding, enabling and procuring data-driven innovative solutions that reduce the cost of delivery and help towards the delivery of improved transport services.

The TDI is supported by an extensive network of transport specialists from the wider public sector and industry which facilitates finding solutions that meet the unique requirements of local authorities. The TDI also helps raise the awareness within local authorities of how to use transport data to improve services, as well as capacities of industry and academia to support them in doing so.

As part of the TDI, a TDI Forum (the Forum) meets throughout the year (currently 3 events each year). All organisations and people interested in the TDI may attend. Forums blend presentations with interactive elements such as workshops, discussion groups, and exhibition stalls to encourage delegates to develop ideas and expand their networks.

Role and Function The Group exists to:

  • Set strategic direction and priorities;
  • Define the future work of the Forum, by collectively discussing, and deciding the next steps to push the Forum forward;
  • Ensure that the TDI adds value and complements wider activities;
  • Agree any KPIs;
  • Provide a sounding board for transport and data related funding calls, research and other initiatives; and
  • Review the role of the TDI on a yearly basis.


Membership of the Group is to be made up of people with an interest or expertise in the TDI from Local Authorities, Government Departments and Private sector companies and other key stakeholders, so that they can provide expertise by experience and say what progress they see is or isn’t happening, where there are problems or gaps and new actions or plans are needed and suggest new plans or say what they think about any new plans other Group members are suggesting.

All Group members are equally important and everyone should be listened to. In line with the principles of co-production, all Group members should be treated and valued as equal partners. All Group members are responsible for making sure they make adjustments so that all Group members are included.

Members currently include:

  • David Aimson, Buckinghamshire County Council & TDI
  • Karla Jakeman, InnovateUK
  • Daniel Clarke, Cambridgeshire County Council
  • Trevor Brennan, Hertfordshire County Council
  • Graham Hanson, Department for Transport
  • Matt Coleman, Department for Transport
  • Sir Nic Cary, Waysphere
  • Teresa Jolley, DEFT153 Ltd
  • Llewelyn Morgan, Oxfordshire County Council
  • Graham Hanson, Department for Transport
  • Ron Oren, Connected Places Catapult


  • The policy Group will meet (currently) on a quarterly basis
  • The TDI host organisation will agree to host and provide basic hospitality and administrative support to the Group at no cost to members of the Group but is under no obligation to do so.
  • To manage logistics at meetings it would be helpful (but not a condition of attendance) if those persons/organisations intending to attend a Group meeting provide notice of their intention to do so or may provide their apologies in advance. Contact details may be found on the TDI website.


  • Actions to be circulated no later than two weeks after the Group meeting has taken place.
  • All Group papers and actions from meetings will be available through the TDI website.
  • The TDI website will be available to members.


Terms of reference TDI: Updated July 2019 – download PDF