Smarter Traffic Management

Meeting of the Road Authorities’ Technology User Group – 5th March, York.

The Department for Transport and its partners invite and encourage elected members and officers directly employed by public authorities to attend this first meeting of the Road Operators’ Technology User Group.  Attendance is FREE and reasonable TRAVEL COSTS INCURRED BY LOCAL AUTHORITIES WILL BE REIMBURSED.  Please register through the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s web-site here –

The User Group has been developed out of the very successful Smarter Traffic Management conference held in November 2017, which was attended by 140 people, including 75 from local authorities, and was addressed by the Roads Minister, Jesse Norman.  A full report of that conference is available here –


We intend to continue the substantial momentum generated in November.  The User Group provides an important vehicle for authorities to develop and own an action plan, supported by DfT and its partners, which will enable authorities to:

  • Share challenges and promote, develop and adopt efficient technology solutions to those challenges;
  • Make the case for and develop guidelines for expenditure on technology, eg to enhance air quality;
  • Keep today’s technology and systems funded and working efficiently;
  • Develop fit-for-purpose procurement approaches for technology;
  • Focus DfT investment and competitions promoting new technology and new service offerings;
  • Collectively engage with and influence the supply chain; and
  • Ensure that the network operator voice is heard at a national level.

Three meetings are planned for 2018 – in March, June and November – with the third of these being another conference focusing on connected ITS.

The main topics in 5th March will be:

  • Managing local transport data effectively.  Hear about and influence the work being done for DfT in discovering the need for opening and sharing local authority data.  Influence the nature of the pilot projects to be undertaken as the next step.
  • What will traffic management look like in 5-10 years?   What are the implications for authorities and UTMC?  Understand the initial work done by the Transport Technology Forum to date.  Help to shape this into a useful vision which can be widely accepted, understood and adopted.
  • Procuring technology in better ways.  Get feedback in results of recent work by the DfT, Transport Technology Forum and others into barriers to effective procurement.  Create a programme of collective action to overcome those barriers.


The meeting is being organised by the Traffic Technology Forum in conjunction with the Department for Transport, the Institution of Engineering and Technology, Innovate UK, ITS (UK) and Transport Systems Catapult.