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Practical applications of digital infrastructure to improve the transport experience

This unique event brings together, for the first time, business leaders, senior public sector representatives, innovators and pioneers from across the transport digital infrastructure ecosystem to begin a ground-breaking conversation on ways forward.

View the full programme and event information here: www.digitaltransport.uk

July 6

ITS Workshop in association with ITS UK, the Transport Technology Forum, Transport Systems Catapult and Elgin Traffic technology: what lies beyond UTMC, and what will it take to get there?

July 7

Key players from all sectors of the data & digital infrastructure supply chain – including travellers – will get together for extensive networking and expert-led practical workshops

Participants include:

DfT, Oxfordshire City Council, Transport Systems Catapult, Siemens, ONE Transport, Oxbotica, Uber, Zipabout, Smart Oxford, The Institute of Engineering and Technology, Mobox, Transport Data Initiative, Future Cities Catapult, Elgin, RAC Foundation, Nominet, Transport AI, Transport API, Traveline, TfL, City Science, ITS Leeds, Travelspirit, Stratageeb, Space Syntax, EE, Atkins, Urban Transport Group, Ito World, and many more….