DfT Report Released! Scoping study into deriving transport benefits from big data and the internet of things in smart cities

DfT’s scoping study into deriving transport benefits from Big Data and IoT has just been published:

Scoping Study into Deriving Transport Benefits from Big Data and the Internet of Things in Smart Cities

The study involved an international evidence review and engagement with a range of stakeholders including: local authorities/cities, academia, data experts, industry and start-ups. The report highlights an array of opportunities in transport, including: facilitating the integration of modes and services to improve end-to-end journeys; better transport and land-use planning; new behaviour insights, better network utilisation and performance, enabling innovations such as Mobility as a Service.  However, the study draws attention to the lack of data sharing within the transport sector which is inhibiting progress – the main reasons for this include: fears around breaching privacy, security and competition laws; modal and geographical silos; lack of data standardisation; uncertainty around the value of data and a weak evidence base for the benefits; lack of transport-specific use cases; and data skill shortages. DfT is keen to work with our external stakeholders on resolving these issues.


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