Privacy Policy

TRANSPORT DATA INITIATIVE makes every effort to protect the privacy of its customers and has taken precautionary measures to ensure that information provided by customers/browsers or registered as subscribers to e-mail lists remains private, protected against loss and misuse or alteration. You can navigate most of TRANSPORT DATA INITIATIVE’s websites without entering personal data. Only for the delivery of products and reactions to inquiries we need a registration.

In this privacy policy we inform the users about the type, extent and purpose of the collection and use of personal data as well as any passing on of data to third parties. To ensure that this information is accessible to you at the beginning of the usage process and always, you will find a link to this privacy policy on every TRANSPORT DATA INITIATIVE website. The following data protection information applies to this and all other websites that refer to this data protection information.

Information we collect
We collect information to provide better services to all users and to stay in contact with you after your visit to the TRANSPORT DATA INITIATIVE website.

Transparency and choice
Everyone has different concerns about data protection. The aim of TRANSPORT DATA INITIATIVE is to clarify what information we collect so that you can make meaningful decisions about its use.

Information you share with others
Some of the services of TRANSPORT DATA INITIATIVE allow you to share information with others. Remember, when you publicly disclose information that this information may be indexed by search engines, including Google.

Non-personal data
As a rule, you can visit TRANSPORT DATA INITIATIVE websites without having to provide any personal data. Location information on your Internet Protocol (IP) address, the website from which you are visiting TRANSPORT DATA INITIATIVE and the web pages that you view at TRANSPORT DATA INITIATIVE, the number, date and time of your visits and search terms that you enter in the search and that you entered to access the web pages of TRANSPORT DATA INITIATIVE. Your identity remains completely anonymous. This information is evaluated for statistical purposes and to determine the acceptance and attractiveness of this website and to improve its contents.

Collection and use of personal data
In some places on the TRANSPORT DATA INITIATIVE web pages, various forms are offered, e. g. for product or service offers, registration, enquiries, contact, order, applications or newsletter functions. Personal data will only be collected and processed if you use these services from TRANSPORT DATA INITIATIVE and voluntarily provide the data necessary for processing your request.

If you decide to provide us with information such as company name, department, address, e-mail address or other personal data, TRANSPORT DATA INITIATIVE may store, process and evaluate these data and forward them to authorized sales companies or other contractual partners of TRANSPORT DATA INITIATIVE, exclusively for maintaining the customer relationship with you, in particular for your information about the offer of TRANSPORT DATA INITIATIVE products.

Personal data from applications, however, will only be passed on to affiliated companies or other third parties upon explicit request and consent of the person concerned. This also applies to the storage of application data beyond the usual duration of the application process.