TDI#7 – Leeds – Thursday 21st June 2018

TDI #7 – Connected and Autonomous Vehicles.

10:00 – 15:30  

Refreshments will be available from 9:30 am onwards. 

‘Energy Perspective of our Future Transport Needs’

A brief overview of the challenges that the energy sector is facing and the new intersection that is being created between energy and transport by the rise of EVs. The presentation will highlight a few initiatives from Innovate UK. The aim of the initiatives is to accelerate a successful transition to electric vehicles. Lastly the presentation will also discuss and explore opportunities and challenges created by connected and autonomous vehicles.

David Richardson, Innovate UK

‘Developing the CAV Ecosystem in Oxfordshire’

Story of developing CAV ecosystem in Oxfordshire from early policy adoption through to projects on ground and growing industry in the county.

Llewelyn Morgan, Oxfordshire County Council

‘CAVs in the West Midlands and the MCAV Initiative’

A brief summary of what is autonomy, summary of driver-less technologies and projects in the West Midlands including some of Conigital’s own projects. Finally, an explanation of Conigital’s event and membership platform, Midlands Connected Autonomous Vehicles and how you can get involved.

John Paddington and Hayley Izzard, West Midlands Connected Autonomous Vehicles

‘Department for Transport Discovery Project – Results’

North Highland presented on the Department for Transport Discovery project at TDI #6 in Birmingham, they are returning to the forum to present the findings of the project that so many TDI members supported.

Emily Popham, North Highland

‘Local Authority Mobility Platform’

An overview of the Local Authority Mobility Platform project. The aim of the project is to drive consensus from Government, local authorities and industry for the vision and roadmap towards the next generation local authority mobility platform, featuring data sharing as a core principle.

Richard Trusting & Marcel Pooke, Transport Systems Catapult


Panel Discussion – CAV’s, How much are we willing to Autotomize?

A reflect on the mornings presentations, with some of the mornings presenters involved on the panel.

Workshop: Local Authorities – What are your transport issues? Private Sector – Can you help solve them?

A chance for all delegates to understand the pain points of different Local Authorities, and open up that discussion to the private sector in order to understand how we can work together to achieve results.  

We have a free live stream that will be taking place. To obtain the link, please register for a ticket below.